Member benefits

Member services

  1. Represent the member in dealings with public authorities, including
    • regulatory and approval bodies for natural products, drugs and medical devices;
    • the public authorities who pass laws and regulations;
    • public opinion and those who influence it.
  2. Assist members on an individual basis on any matter compatible with the interests of the members.
  3. Promote collaboration and exchanges between members.

Insurance plan

In collaboration with Vézina assurances inc., GPIM offers its members a comprehensive range of insurance products at very competitive prices:

  • Product liability insurance
  • Product recall insurance
  • Extensive range of products and services
  • Protection of real and personal property and business interruption following a loss.
  • The full range of group insurance products

Bilateral meetings with DGPSA and DGORR

  • Over the years, GPIM has developed an exceptional relationship with Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate.
  • These meetings take place twice a year with TPD and enable members to make their representations and defend their interests with Health Canada.
  • We are also planning to set up similar arrangements with the Natural Health Products Directorate and the Regulatory Operations and Regions Branch in the near future.
  • Over the years, GPIM members have been instrumental in influencing and securing major changes to the regulations and their application, saving time, effort and money.

GPIM is a must in Quebec

  • Political, regulatory and drug shortage contexts are just some of the reasons to join GPIM.
  • Privileged access to TPD through bilateral meetings alone justifies the importance of being part of GPIM.
  • Law 28 of 2016, (ex p. l. 92) gives us hope that the market will be opened up, but we’ll have to be very insistent. With your support, we will.
  • GPIM is the only group capable of effectively defending the interests of Quebec’s pharmaceutical industry.

The members-only site will provide you with intervention and other documents.